Slack Deal Rooms

Slack Deal Rooms: Pros and Cons

Currently, virtual environments have become more relevant in the daily life of a professional. Slack Deal Rooms is the easiest and cheapest way to establish communication between employees and contractors. This article will analyze the main pros and cons of the functionality of this software solution.

Slack – a reliable platform for productive collaboration

Business automation is an inevitable stage in a company’s work on the way to development. The use of special cloud-based solutions in work helps to increase the overall profitability by up to 50% without carrying out cardinal changes. In addition, automation allows you to optimize the company’s business processes. A good business process automation software has a built-in massager that will make it easier for you to interact with your customers. The system should display the entered data and calculate, for example, the size of the discount for regular customers. Slack is one such solution.

Slack is a convenient messenger with a simple and intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality. Slack is a platform for corporate communication and teamwork on projects. The functionality of the platform software provides for the implementation of many labor-intensive diverse operations for processing structured information and allows you to organize and optimize the processing of a semi-structured information flow that reflects the process nature of an enterprise’s activities.

What are the pros?

The main benefit of Slack Deal rooms over other software solutions is structuring information. It’s not just a collection of chats and channels, it’s a complete workspace. Slack helps solve work issues, structure and store important information, and quickly adapt to new employees in large teams.

Slack ensures the following advantages:

  • real-time collaboration and file-sharing;
  • embedding and storage of images, videos, files, and documents;
  • audio and video calls;
  • organization of online meetings;
  • creation of a unified data information system
  • automation of business processes and optimization of personnel work
  • a quick search for data in a large array of information;
  • customizable desktop, mobile, and email notifications;
  • suitable for both corporations and groups of 2-3 people; 
  • integration of conversations with Megaplan, Trello, Skype, Bitrix24, Google Drive, Pipedrive, and other applications; 
  • setting up automatic notifications; 
  • 5 gigabytes for storage in the public domain.

When you work in the Slack Deal Rooms, most operations are carried out automatically, requiring a few clicks from you. The project-process approach to organizing the accounting of an information array of data is implemented to record and display information in the software. The use of a unified information system helps reduce overhead costs for doing business by increasing resource use efficiency and reducing the time for processing documents and making decisions.

Creating a workspace in Slack provides a closed environment for business interaction. An environment that allows access to team movements and internal planning without making them public but without the risk of expelling a member. On top of that, the paid versions of Slack have even more control over who can join workspaces or channels, allowing you to define the recipients of certain information more precisely.

What are the cons?

Slack offers four usage options: free version, standard plan, Plus plan, and Enterprise Grid plan. Perhaps the cost of the full version of Slack Deal Room can be considered one of the few disadvantages of this service. Another significant drawback is the lack of Russification. Most users cite this as the main obstacle to using the messenger. Finally, it is worth noting that Slack requires a lot of RAM.